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About Vibrant Forums

Joe Bauer, Owner and General Manager of Vibrant ForumsVibrant Forums, LLC is a marketing company specializing in online message boards and other forum-based communities. Founded by Joe Bauer, Vibrant Forums is dedicated to the message board format as the single most effective way to build an online community that reaches out to enthusiasts and consumers alike. With Vibrant Forums, companies can effectively build a forum to connect with thousands of peers with knowledge of their products. We haven't forgotten about the little guy, either - VF was born out of small enthusiast forums created solely as resources and communities for like-minded fans. We can help you share your passion with the rest of the world!

But building a successful community goes beyond creating a message board. That's why Vibrant Forums approaches forum-building from a marketing perspective. VF effectively implements the latest trends in social networking, the most effective SEO methods, smart design, and lessons learned from years of experience in forum management. No matter what your needs are, VF is on hand to provide the right assistance that you seek.