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Spring 2011
Vol. 3, Issue 1

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About The Flipped Lid
Here at 3geez, we're always looking for new ways to reach out to members. The Flipped Lid is a bi-monthly newsletter designed to fill you in on the latest news from the forum. So if you haven't checked us out recently, we want to keep you in the loop!

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We're pleased to introduce the newest addition to 3geez -, a forum dedicated solely to early model Preludes! An idea brought forth by our members (including some newcomers from the Prelude community), the forum should broaden the 3geez community and keep us growing strong.

If you haven't already, check it out and tell every Prelude owner you know! We purposely left the targeted model years open-ended in order to be more inclusive. There is a wealth of knowledge on 3geez and our great community should be able to help any of our Prelude friends.

Enjoy, and thanks for the suggestion!

And while you're at it, check out!

We're pleased to announce a new standalone forum separate from 3geez -! It is closely allied with 3geez (and 2geez) - since we all know that the "Vigor" (be it a Honda, Acura, or whatever) started out as a Honda Accord.

Why the Vigor? We're zeroing in on the Vigor because there are so few models out there that are underrepresented by forums. The Vigor is one of them, and it's an added bonus that the early versions of the car are closely related to the 3G. Our hope is that the 3G Vigor would bring in the traffic, and the links back to 3geez would send the 1G and 2G Vigor traffic over here. 3geez will benefit, and 3G Vigor owners will have a dedicated community!

The forum is in it's very early stages of development, so we could use some help!

1. Experienced forum leaders who can help provide vision and direction early on, and into the future.
2. Top posters (postwhores, if you will) who can rack up some general content posts and show that we have a living, breathing forum.
3. Mechanically-savvy users who can help with posting technical information about Vigors to the site.
4. Members who can help with searching and identifying common problems with the Vigor.

If you're a motivated poster, we can reward you with staff positions on the new site, and even 3geez. This is just as much about 3geez staff getting to know you as a staff member as it is with building a site.

Basically, we're asking for you to do what you do best on 3geez - join and post!

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